Sunday, June 10, 2007

Naughty For You--Part 1

You are already in the room, having instructed me to wait in the parking lot until You call. I am shaking as the elevator doors slide open and I walk to the door, it opening as if on command. I enter with my eyes downcast, the room alive with the electricity of Your presence. I walk to the table and set everything down as I know I am to do, barely taking note that the bathroom door is closed.

I kneel in the center of the room facing away from the bathroom, trembling with excitement and anticipation. You move to me, caressing my hair and say "Good girl, now don't you say anything or look at me until Daddy tells you to little girl"

You continue to caress my hair standing so close and I am aching to kiss You, to touch You. You can feel my excitement , hear me breathing faster. You smile but I can't see it.

"Listen to me little girl--I want you to stand up and take off your top and skirt . You are to continue to face this direction as you do. You are not to turn around or look up"

You step around me and I stand. As I begin to unbutton my blouse I hear the bathroom door open and You walk back to stand in front of me, watching me. I sense another presence behind me, watchng me undress as well. I am trembling and I am so wet as I slip my skirt off. I stand waiting for whatever You desire next. My heart is pounding.

"Take off her bra" I start to move my hands but catch myself realizing You are speaking to someone else. You tell me "you are not to move, bitch" I stand obediently still as I feel strong hands undo the clasps of my bra from behind and slide it off.

"Now her panties" I feel his fingers slide under the edge of my thongand pull it down over my stockinged legs, steadying me as he slips it off over my heels. He takes his hands off of me and I stand naked before You, Your toy, Your slut to do with as You wish.

I feel You step so close and without a word slide Your fingers into Your slut's dripping wet pussy, skidding Your fingers across my clit and then deep into my aching cunt. I gasp and moan as You do, almost cumming but I know I must not. It is for You to decide when I allowed that pleasure for You. You bring Your fingers to my mouth and I suck my sweet juices from them, moaning with pleasure and excitement. You kiss me, deeply passionately and I return the kiss groaning as Our tongues slide along each other , knowing someone is watching, barely able to catch my breath. You break the kiss gently. "Good girl"

"Get on the bed on your back and keep your eyes closed" I move to the bed and lie on my back, my head propped on the pillows. I feel his hand take my left wrist and pull it out, slipping the soft cuff around and fastening it. I moan softly, I am intensely aroused to know that You are going to have so much pleasure from what You own. He takes my left leg and spreads my thighs, exposing Your slut's slick wet pussy to you both. You are watching him looking at Your whore, at how willing i am to please and pleasure You. He cuffs both my legs and then my right arm.

I am completely exposed and vulnerable to You. My eyes are close. I hear You undressing and feel You move to the right side of me. Your lips are right at my ear as You say "When I tell you to I want you to open your eyes. You are to look only where and when I tell you to look. The first thing You will see is Daddy's cock and I want You to focus on that. Focus on Daddy's beautiful cock and kiss it. Show me how much You worship and love your Daddy's cock"

I feel You position Yourself on the bed. You reach and turn my head toward You, tracing Your fingers across my lips.

"Open your eyes and let him see you kiss Daddy's cock little girl". I open my eyes and focus on Your beautiful cock right in front of me. I am even more aroused knowing someone is watching me worship and pleasure You. I begin to kiss Your glorious cock lovingly hungrily wanting so much to suck it but I know I must wait. It's glowing You are so hard with pleasure.

"That's it yes You love Daddy's cock don't you little girl. You love being my slut, knowing he's watching you kiss and worship Your Daddy's cock, knowing he's stroking his cock watching you pleasure me MMMMMMMMMMMMM

"Suck it bitch"

(to be continued)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Dream of Us on the Boat

We were on a boat in a cove, sheltered and quiet --tied up and just floating in a nice 'run about'---two long benches in the back part one bigger bench across the back of the boat And it was just hot enough---just a nice sweat as we laid there getting sun—music playing softly on the radio.

I was wearing a turquoise halter bikini tied at the back of my neck with french cut bottoms with a bow at the side. You were wearing black swim trunks and in my dream I was in that state of total relaxation that comes from the sun and the water and a couple of boat drinks. I sensed you moving toward me but I did not open my eyes, anticipating something good was about to happen. And then I felt a drop of ice cold water just below my navel. I gasped and smiled but still did not open my eyes, relishing the tingles going all through me. Then next thing I felt was ice—cold and hard as you ran it across my left breast circling my nipple, first on top of my suit--so you could tease me more. I kept my eyes closed and let out a soft moan. You then took the ice down to my navel traced it around and then down to just where my bikini bottom started and traced it across--making the skin of my belly quiver and making me giggle. You reached up and untied the knot behind my neck with one hand exposing both of my breasts while still teasing me with the ice across my belly. You took a fresh piece of ice and put it in your mouth and began to roll it around my left nipple making it so hard----the sensation of your warm mouth with the cold ice making me groan with pleasure. I am still trying not to move but this makes me arch my back, pressing my breast to your mouth, begging you to suck it

You begin on my right breast and I am unable to stop from moaning it feels so good. As the ice melts down you are cupping both of my breasts and then you finally reach up and kiss me deeply and as you pull away from the kiss I whimper. You kiss down my neck, kiss each breast--biting my nipples a little and making me cry out in pleasure. Then you run your tongue down the middle of me pulling the bottom of my bikini down and off. And you tell me “keep your eyes closed.” This makes me giggle but you tell me “don't move”. I wait for you to move me and you ease my legs apart---one leg bent and up against the rail of the boat. And I feel you lower your mouth to my wet lips and I cry out when you pass the ice over my slit and push it around with your teeth and tongue circling my clit --rolling it around and over and flicking me with your tongue-- the hot and cold so incredible it makes my knees weak to remember. You slide one finger into me--my pussy so wet silky hot and I want you so much. I gasp and moan shaking now. Deep inside me then pulling out slowly to rub my spot with the tip of your finger--teasing me—making me arch my back and whimper. You are now sucking on my clit, the ice gone, flicking my clit with your tongue and then you pull away and reach to sit me up- kissing me deeply again..silky soft lips and I put my arms around your neck and give myself totally to your kiss.

You stand us up, I still have my eyes closed, and ease us back to the bigger bench where you sit and with your hands on my waist, guiding me to take you, all of you, as deeply as we can make it. I ease myself onto your rock hard cock slowly feeling you fill me up to my very center, arching my back to move against you, whimpering softly at how good it feels. And I begin moving up and down your shaft--impaling myself on you—over and over --taking all of you, deep and hard, the pressure so intense and good and suddenly you say “open your eyes” and I am looking into your eyes and feeling it, riding you and then we kiss ---desperately---passionately---moving ---grinding ---harder and faster –our hearts pounding--

And then the rain started. The hot drops hitting us, drenching us and I am moving faster and harder the water beading on my breasts and running off in rivulets, tracing where are bodies are joining...wanting all of you feeling that oh so fucking great cock filling me, my hair getting wetter and more wild as the rain soaks us and runs over us. That ridge rubbing against my spot---the rain like fire on my skin so so good. And then you say “Come on baby—cum for me—let it go” and oh my god I am cumming so hard and the waves of pleasure crash over me. The intensity makes me scream your name over and over and my pussy walls contract against you, pulling you making you grow inside me and as you are just on the brink you say “Do it again, now my sweet—cum for me” and the next wave shakes me, and as I scream your name again and my juices flow over you, you explode inside me, filling me with your hot cum, crying out with the release, our juices mingling and becoming one with the rain—our bond strong and fluid as incandescent silk. Trembling and moaning we slow our movements, joined as one still, deep wet kisses melting us into one another, the rain pouring over us like a warm embrace.

Original work of fiction copywritten by KA 2007

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cleanliness Is Next To .....

“Would you like something to drink? I have pretty much everything”I say, looking over my shoulder again at you. I close my eyes and deal with how strange it feels to trust and want someone so much that I have just met. You smile and ask for whiskey which I pour for you, each of us maintaining eye contact, smiling, wondering at the pleasure that awaits us. The kisses in the elevator, passionate, deep and with nothing held back, have stirred some shared energy in each of us. We sip our whiskey and I step to you and lean in to kiss you gently on the lips. “So….sugar…about that shower.” You laugh, remembering the joke in the restaurant that first got us talking and that big slightly evil grin spreads across your face. “Lead the way”. I look in your eyes and without hesitation decide I want you.Now.

I take your hand and we walk to the master bedroom. I am giggling softly and slightly giddy. You are walking close to me, letting me feel your presence but just barely, teasing me. We reach the shower and I start to take off my clothes. “Wait..let me”. I stop and stand still and do something else I would never do---I give myself to you. I decide to let you do whatever you want. I decide to obey your every command.

You reach up and slip my black velvet dress off my shoulders, exposing my breasts, my nipples hard and erect with the excitement and anticipation. You look in my eyes, your breath coming faster now, as you ease my dress the rest of the way off. You move your hands up my legs, sliding across the silk stockings, teasing me with your soft touch, sending shivers of delight all through me. You tickle me behind the knees and it makes me jump. As soon as I do you say, in a tone of voice I have never heard before…..”You do not want to move.” I take my breath in sharply, realizing that you mean it, realizing that I want let you have this control over me but wondering what would happen if I don’t follow the command. I am breathing harder now and stand perfectly still as you continue to make your way up my legs to unfasten the garters, one at a time, making me quiver. You then put both hands between my thighs—being careful not to touch me very high because you can feel how much I want you to. You push my legs gently outward a bit and I move just as much as you ask and no more. You roll one stocking down, leaning forward to kiss and nibble and flick my leg with your tongue as you go. My knees are shaking as you remove my shoe and take off my stocking, steadying me. As you work on my other leg you look up at me and grin again. "You are beautiful" you say--gazing back at my freshly shaved pussy. I shudder with desire and let my head roll forward as you take my ass in both of your hands and move your mouth to pleasure me, slipping your tongue between my glistening wet lips, making lazy but determined circles around my clit. My hands are on your shoulders and I move one to touch your hair. You reach behind me and flick off the garter and then pull away, kissing my stomach as you do—making me quiver and gasp. “Stay put” you say. And I stand---completely naked---waiting for you.

You go to the shower and start it, letting the hot steamy water fill the room. You come to me and lean to kiss me ---at first gentle then more passionately—holding just my head in your hands. I respond and open myself to you—more excited than I was in the elevator—more excited than I have ever been to be with anyone. You pull back and I see that you have something dark and silky in your hand. You look at me and say “Close your eyes”. A shock of electricity goes all through me and I begin to tingle all over. I close my eyes and you gently tie the blindfold around my head so that it will stay but not hurt me. I am breathing harder and shivering with anticipation as you guide me to the shower with a hand in the small of my back.

As I step into the shower blindfolded I feel the rush of the steamy water and gasp. Each tiny drop makes me tingle and the sensation is amazing. I stand and wait for you, my hands on the wall in front of me to steady me. I hear you removing your clothes and then I feel your hands on my back, slick with soap, massaging my skin up and then down and then reaching around to rub my breasts, teasing and then pinching my nipples making them even more erect and hard. Every sensation is magnified, the water of the shower pouring over us and I can feel the hair on your chest tickling me as you lean in and your rock hard cock that I have not seen is teasing my ass.

Keeping one hand on my breast you move your other hand to my throbbing clit, sliding two fingers over and around and pinching both my clit and my nipple at the same time, making me cry out with intense pleasure. At that moment you slide into my hot aching pussy—filling me going oh so deep. I arch my back and push back to you, wanting all of you in me, feeling the ridge of your enormous cock pushing back and forth against my spot. “Touch us” you say. I reach down to feel your fingers teasing my clit and then pushing further back to feel you filling my dripping wet cunt, thrusting in and out of me, me pushing back into you. You pound into me harder and I moan and shudder, the waves of pleasure making me shake and gasp for breath. I can feel the pressure building, the center of me on fire and just when I think I cannot take any more you growl softly into my ear “cum for me baby, cum now” and I cum for you crying out and pushing back harder into you, the contractions pulling against you, my juices flowing over your cock as you continue to thrust into me. I can feel you growing larger and I cry out “Fuck me—please fuck me” and push back harder for you and you explode into me, filling me with your hot cum and crying out and slowly easing your movements to a stop. I am shaking and holding you in me and you lean your body forward to envelope me as I stand braced against the shower wall, kissing my back and neck until you slowly slide out of me. I am trembling and you gently turn me around and kiss me softly on the lips, leaving the blindfold still on. I feel your soft kiss and the water pouring over me and the soft sponge as you take it and slowly slide it over my breasts and my tummy and between my legs, washing me, taking care of me. When finish you reach and take the blindfold up slowly, holding me with one hand on my back to steady me. I blink and look into your eyes. You lean in to kiss me once again—deeply. For the first time I reach up and wrap my arms around you as you reach behind me to turn off the shower.

We ease back gently from the kiss—bodies still pressed tightly. You reach for the thick Egyptian cotton towel and wrap it around my back—first moving up to towel my hair a bit then snuggling me in it. I realize you must have already washed yourself as you wrap the other towel around your waist and guide me out of the bathroom toward the king sized bed –your hand in the small of my back. I move with you—waiting for your cues. When we get to the bed you say “Rest a bit—I’ll be back in a second” and kiss my neck—sending electric tingles through me. You step away from me—and it shocks me how much I instantly miss your presence. I crawl into the bed as you make your way back to the bathroom. The sheets fresh and crisp feel so good to me—I slip the towel off and put it under my wet hair and burrow down into the pillows—gliding my hand over my thigh---then up and over my stomach and up to my breasts—gently caressing myself—remembering the sensations in the shower—so delicious.

I trace my fingers around my nipple and feel how hard it is—and remembering what you had done-I pinch it –moaning softly at the sweet pain –tingling once again with desire. I run my right hand down across my stomach and over my mound—letting my legs fall open. I reach to feel my clit—throbbing once again and still—and feel how wet I am and hot—remembering your cock in me and how I could feel you pounding me and filling me completely--so big. I begin to slide one finger inside of me—tracing the silky path back up to my clit and then around—teasing myself—gasping at how good it feels. That’s when I hear you---and open my eyes and realize you have been standing in the doorway and watching me. We lock eyes and you step toward me. Goosebumps cover me and I reach down with my left hand and grasp my now engorged clit between two fingers—pulling upward slightly as I continue to slide my finger down and into my pussy then pull it back and up—circling my clit. Watching you—I move two fingers in – pressing harder and a little faster- varying the pressure and moaning---half closing my eyes for the intensity of the pleasure. Three fingers all the way into me—and you—watching—saying nothing—holding your again rock hard cock—stroking it. I am rocking my hips—grinding against my fingers—four fingers thrusting in me—looking into your eyes and I can feel the waves---pressure so intense—burning me –and I ask—without saying anything—to cum and you say “Yes”. And oh my god---I shudder and cry out with the force of the release—cumming so hard for you---not wanting to stop. But you move to me---taking my hands way—and I whimper. You lay me back and move to lay on top of me—your hands spreading and holding my hands—sliding into me—filling me and I groan from the wonder of how incredible you feel. You move slowly at first—kissing my neck and then my mouth—softly tracing my lips with your tongue—then kissing me deeply—our tongues dancing as you begin to thrust harder into me—feeling you grow so big and moving with you feel the waves of pleasure wash over me—the ridge of your cock hitting my spot and then as I feel you start to explode into me and hear you cry out I cum, gushing all over your cock—our juices intermingling-crying out from the pleasure. We gradually slow our movements---breathing heavy and my legs shaking---until you rest—laying on me---your cock still in me—connecting us. We kiss softly and hold each other as we ease onto our sides—my leg wrapped around your hips.

You reach and stroke my hair—pushing it back from where it has fallen across my face. We are gazing at each other and I say “You know—If I am gonna work you this hard sugar—I think I’d better feed you. Hungry?”
This is an original work of fiction copywritten by KA 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Afternoon Delight

As I walk in I see you on the bed naked, the covers mussed a bit, lazily stroking your very hard very erect cock. I can tell you have been at it a while, lazily, just enjoying how good it feels. Your eyes are half closed with pleasure as you drift in the sensations--the hardness of it, the smooth skin, the warmth, the silky pre cum slipping from the tip and sliding under and around your fingers as you stroke it, the tension building.

A sly smile turns up the corners of my mouth as I see you notice me. Our eyes meet and I see you smile slyly and keep stroking your cock. My tongue darts out and touches my upper lip involuntarily, wanting to taste you. But I keep back and start to unbutton my blouse, slowly undoing each button until I can slip it off, gazing into your eyes and at your hand sliding up and down your cock.I slip off my bra, revealing my breasts, the nipples hard and erect . I roll them in my fingers, pinching slightly . I hear you draw in your breath. I know you are close to cumming but wanting it to last.

I move to the easy chair where you can see me and slowly slip off my jeans, letting you have a view of my creamy white ass before sitting facing you and spreading my thighs with one leg over the arm. My pussy is dripping wet, the lips glistening. You are stroking harder now.

I reach and slide one finger slowly between my lips around my clit and then deep into my cunt to soak my hand in my juices. Then two fingers, then three, my thumb working my hard clit. I am rolling my nipple with the other hand. I take my hand from my cunt and bring it up so I can taste my sweetness sucking on my fingers and looking at you, and you can hold back no longer. You cum, the spurting hot cream arcing through the air, you crying out. And then I step to you and the next shots go all over my breasts and face as I begin to lick your hot cum and continue what will be a wonderful afternoon.

How would that be?

Original work of fiction copywritten by KA 2007